Why is it important to take a bridal trial?
  • Both for you and for the specialist it’s very important to do the trial because in this we can observe the condition of your skin and hair and thus determine if you need extra care with either of them.
  • In this, the specialist could give you different advice, for example, if you need a facial and how much time in advance to do it, how to keep your skin hydrated, etc.; or regarding your hair if you decide to cut it or change color, when to do it or with what products, etc.
  • Only by performing the trial you can ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your look. Remember that achieving the perfect look for you is a shared responsibility between you and the specialist; If you follow all the advice that will give (such as moisturizing the skin, the use of appropriate creams, etc.), you will help facilitate the makeup on the big day.
  • If you don’t perform a trial before your wedding, it’s as if you were leaving at random the image that you will project the great day.
What should you take to your makeup and hairstyle trial?
  • In the trial it’s advisable to take photos of makeup and hairstyle ideas that you would like as they facilitate the creation of the perfect look for you.
  • Think about your style, for example a very natural style or a heavier style. If you have trouble identifying your style, think of an artist you like, maybe that’s your style.
  • Take a picture of your dress, if you don’t have it yet describe your dress to the experts this will help to advise you which hairstyle can be better depending on the neckline or other characteristics.
  • Comment on the time and place where you are going to get married is also important, since it depends on this to give us an idea of the ​​wheather if it’s windy or low lighting or other factors that can help determine the type of makeup and proper hairstyle for the time and place of the wedding.
How long is the trial?
  • All depends on how well prepared you go with the idea of ​​the look you want. It can usually take 2 or 3 hours at least because there is no hurry and small modifications can be made to achieve the desired look. Remember that the "trial" is really the IMAGE DESIGN for your big day.
Why a full service (makeup and hairstyle) and not a separate service (only makeup or just hair)?
  • Although we can provide the service separately, it’s not recommended for a very important point: We are experts in hot and humid climates such as Cancun and Riviera Maya.
  • Sometimes people don’t take in consideration and don’t consider that the change of climate between one place and another can affect, then when they do the makeup themselves they begin to fade in a very short time, or in the case of hairstyles they begin to undo quickly, which will make them have only a makeup or just a long lasting hairstyle.
What happens if you DO NOT decide to hire our service?
  • It’s very probably if you don’t hire us the experts you ended very disappointed about your hair and makeup don’t last all night long.
How and with how much time should I book?
  • It must be booked by paying an advance of 50% of the contracted services and must be at least 3 months before the wedding, this is because we need to know how many people in total we must attend and be able to make a program so that you all have enough time to finish makeups and hairs. The remaining 50% balance must be paid with the payment corresponding to the "payoff " of the bride's contract, which is maximum 1 week before.
Why I CAN NOT pay in my wedding day?
  • Because in your wedding day we need you to be relax and enjoying the big day and not be worry about remaining balances.